22x Optical Zoom Ptz Camera With Pan & Tilt

90 IR Camera With 5-50mm Lens

DNG Series PC Based DVR Systems

16 Camera Network/Internet Ready DVR with Built-in Video Server and CD/RW (DVR-16IP)


CCTV Camera Systems

1/3"Sony 24ir 4-9mm IR Armor Dome Camera

We offer many types of CCTV cameras that will fit your residential or commercial needs. From infrared cameras, pan & tilt cameras, to a full CCTV system, let Halt Security Plus provide you with the knowledge, and experience to get your CCTV system working perfectly.


Which Camera Is Right For You?


Cameras come in different shapes and sizes. Know that this in itself does not affect the picture quality. The shape rather should be looked at in terms of cosmetics, convenience of installation and camera placement. Two cameras with different housings and similar components should perform no different if constructed properly.


Dome Cameras:

Dome cameras typically are the best choice whenever possible

  • When the camera is within someone's reach domes cannot be easily manipulated or vandalized
  • Domes Installs easy in drop ceilings - usually 2 screws
  • Since a dome has a covered lens the direction the camera is pointing is hidden
  • Domes can accommodate infra-red for Night Vision

Infrared Cameras:

  • When there are extreme low light conditions
  • When the camera is not within someone’s reach

Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras:

  • When you want live control of the camera and adjusting the manual pan, tilt or zoom on a fixed cameras is not practical
  • When you want to set up a camera to tour the premises
  • When you want to view several angles from a single camera

We can also install hidden non-intrusive video cameras in your home. We have cameras disguised as clocks, picture frames, and smoke or motion detectors as well as many other common house-hold objects. Our experts can install a camera almost anywhere, and customize the camera system to your needs.


Let our experts help you decide which camera will suit your needs.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

A DVR or digital video recorder functions a lot like a VCR, except it uses a hard drive to record, as opposed to videotapes. This means that there aren't any tapes to cue, and there is more recording time available. We offer a wide variety of DVR's, such as standalone DVR's, and PC based DVR's.



Please contact our sales office to get an up to date list of our current DVR's available.