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Intercom Systems

Get added security and convenience, with a built-in intercom system professionally installed into your home. You can make sure you have constant communication with everyone within the house at all times, because we all know that keeping tabs on your family is always an adventure.


You can also, use an intercom system to monitor if the baby is sleeping, or to tell the kids to come and eat dinner.


Also, when the doorbell rings at an inconvenient moment, you have to decide whether or not to answer it. Knowing who's at the door makes this decision easier.


At Halt Security Plus, we currently install Logenex TeleDoorBell Intercom products, and M&S Systems Intercom products.


About Longenex TeleDoorBell Products


TeleDoorBell "X" Series:

When you're looking for a stylish audio communications system, with video surveillance, you need need reliability, convenience and peace-of-mind. With it's sleek newly designed Door Station, die-cast metal outer frame, Door Station volume control, crisp and clear images, inferred LED's and 2-way high fidelity sound TeleDoorBell "X" Series is the perfect choice.


TeleDoorBell MDU:

The TeleDoorBell MDU System combines conveniences and peace of mind for multiple occupancy conditions. The MDUV4 System is designed to provide audio/video communications and access control to visitors for such buildings as apartments, condominiums, multi-dwellings and offices.


This versatile system's camera and hands free-audio communications puts you in control of your entrance throughout any connected phone in your home or office while meeting today's growing security requirements.


This revolutionary system can interface to a variety of devices. With its built-in user selectable dry contact relays, the user can unlock any electronic door lock, garage, door or gate opening, activate external lighting and shunt any alarm system all from a touch-tone telephone.


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Integrated Sound Systems

XDM4600KIT Shown With Optional WG100C WG Series Speakers

Music shares one common trait, the ability to reach deep inside a person. To reach where you live. Let Halt Security Plus help your family enjoy the music that speaks to them.


Halt Security Plus has the ability to install an integrated sound system through out your home, so that individual rooms have their choice from 6 different music streams, so that each person can listen to his or her music.


We currently install M&S Systems integrated sound systems, to all residential or commercial property.


About M&S XDM Sound Systems


XDM46EH : Music Distribution System Expansion Hub:

Expands the output of the XDM46CC Music Distribution System Central Controller, provides up to four additional speaker zones for a total system capability of eight speaker zones from six audio sources.


XDM46K: Music Distribution System Keypad:

Music distribution system control back-lit keypad, local control of all XDM46CC Music Distribution System Central Controller functions, built-in 60-watt Class D amplifier, Cat-5 wiring to controller, mounts in double-gang J-box. White in colour.


XDM46K: Music Distribution System Keypad Color Kit: (4-pack)

Includes four keypad wall plates and face plates for XDM46K Music Distribution System Keypad. Comes in the colours: almond, black, or white.


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